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FEDDERAT CASTLE (In Ruins) Fedderat Castle
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Mr William Godsman Mains of Fedderat
Statis. [Statistical] Account
Pratt's History of Buchan
Charles Barclay Esqr. Aberdeen
Mr James Reid. Lonhead.
013 Continued from other side [from page 37]

**it took refuge in Fedderate, but were pursued & expelled by King William's troops.
The Castle now belongs to Lord Aberdeen

Extract from Statl. [Statistical] Account
FEDDERAT Fedderat Mr. James Reid. Lonhead of Fedderat.
Mr. James Forbes. Tenant
013 Applies to a small croft situated ¼ mile E [East] of Lonhead of Fedderat. The property of Rev. [Reverend] A Bridges.

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Plan 13-13 -- Parish of New Deer Aberdeenshire

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