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FEDDERAT CASTLE (In Ruins) Fedderat Castle
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Fedderat Castle (in ruins)
Mr William Godsman Mains of Fedderat
Statis. [Statistical] Account
Pratt's History of Buchan
Charles Barclay Esqr. Aberdeen
Mr James Reid. Lonhead.
013 Applies to an old castle situated about two miles from New Deer, which appears to have been a place of considerable strength, It was surrounded partly by a fosse. & partly by a morass. So that there could have been no access to it by a Causeway. It is now Crumbling to decay. I have ascertained recently that there is an old stone removed from the Castle some 40 years ago, now at Alehousehill bearing date 1257 which is thought to be the time it was built. The portion of the walls now remaining are about 30 feet in height and 6 feet in breadth.

"The plan of the Castle had been an incomplete square of fifty four feet, with a space of thirty feet by sixteen wanting at the north-east corner. The south-west corner is razed to the foundations, eighteen feet of the south wall, and fifteen of the west, being entirely gone. The corners are not angular but rounded off. The walls are of great thickness, occupying half the area of the site, ** Although much has been demolished, a great portion of this building remains."
Pratt's Buchan

"Two miles North of the Village Stands the Old Castle of Fedderat, now a complete ruin, nearly all the best stones have been taken away by the farmers for building. It appears to have been once a place of Considerable strength. It now stands in the middle of a field. A morass, now drained Surrounded it, & the only access to it was by a causeway & a draw bridge. There is no tradition as to when it was built, but is said to have been one of last strongholds of James 2nd's partisans who after the battle of Killiecrankie possessed themselves of Fyvie Castle & being obliged to abandon it
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