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16th November
The following information may be
added respecting the name "Old Maud Castle" (21-6. Trace 1)
Immediately east of the farm
Steading of "Place Croft" (21-6.Trace 1.) the remains of an apparently artificial mound
or plateau is seen, The formation of the Buchan Railway having destroyed the
main portion; while constructing this railway, the foundation of a building was discovered
situated about centre of the aforesaid mound, and, to which, according to tradition, was
formerly the Manor Place, House or Castle of Old Maud. The fact of this farm being
called Place Croft would tend to point to its having been a Manor Place. No mention is
made of this name ("Old Maud Castle") in Pratt's History of "Buchan." nor in other works as
far as can be learned. The term "Old Maud Castle" is not in general use in the locality.
Although used by a few. As portion of the mound remaining, and features surrounding, are
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