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The Doolies
The Doolies
Mr. Lewis Davidson Methlic
Mr. John Hislop
Mr. William Simpon
037 Applied to two ornamental park's well known by this name situated a little east from Haddo House
KEMBLE'S SEAT Kemble's Seat
Kemble's Seat
Kemble's Seat
A.F. Douglas Esq. Haddo House
Mr. John Tait Methlic
Mr. Thomas Beaton Smithie Seat
037 Name applied to an oak seat situated in the demain near Haddo House and bears the following Inscription
Sedes Haec
Saxea. Et. Inculta
Joanni Philippo Kemble
Per Aestivos Anni M.D.CCCXVII. Menses
Multum. Div. Que. secum meditanti
Prater Omnes Ridebat
Holly Hill
Holly Hill
A.F. Douglas Esq. Haddo
Mr. John Hislop
Mr. Kenneth McDonald Drakemyre
037 A small hill feature planted with mixed wood situated a little north east from Haddo House.

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Co. [County] Aberdeen -- Parish of Methlick

[Note relating to 'The Doolies'] - Doolie. A hobgoblin, A scarecrow, a bugbear (Jamieson)

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