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METHLICK [parish] Parish of Methlick Mr. Grant, Banker, Methlick
Mr. Marshall, Farmer, Skilmanae
Mr. Black, Schoolmaster Cairnorrie
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Parish of Methlick
Continued -- school, the teacher of which receives an annual gratuity from the Earl of Aberdeen. there is a sabbath School in the parish, conducted by the Teacher of the School at Throopmuir.
the only fairs in the parish are, one which happens early in May, and Dennicks fair, of great antiquity and held toward the end of November, which, allowance being made for the difference of styles, will be found to correspond to the day of St. Devenick the saint to whom the parish was dedicated.
the fuel most used is peat, dug from bogs and Mosses in this parish and in Fyvie about Whitsunday. " Copied from Statistical Account of Aberdeenshire pages 962, 966 & 972.
there is a a small portion of the parish detached as mentioned on page 2 comprising about seven or eight hundred acres; It is bounded on the
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Parish of Methlick

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