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Valuation Roll
Mr George Mickie Steward of Farm
Mr John Bruce Farmer Lighnot
036 The name of a large farm consisting of a dwelling house with garden and out houses detached mostly all the houses are at present in a dilapidated state The farm is at present in the hands of the proprietor James Lumsden Esqr. of Auchry
ROMAN CAMP (Site of) [Bethelnie] Roman Camp (Site of)
Roman Camp (Site of)
Roman Camp (Site of)
Mr George Mickie Bethelnie
Mr John Bruce Farmer Lighnot
Mr William Adam Farmer Oldkirk
036 This is mentioned in Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland to have been a Roman Fort The ground has of late years been tilled and brought under cultivation. The site or track of ditch is still visible over the arable field. Mr Mackie Steward of farm remarked that the ditch was upwards of 6 feet deep and 10 or 15 feet wide, previous to its being levelled, with a vast quantity of small boulders. The dotted square figure shown on the Trace seems to be the bottom of ditch or the main Trench of the Fort. Trace or hollow feature of the same having remained in the cultivated land &c.

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Parish of Meldrum

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N.B. Although I have allowed this to remain as yet on the Plans, I cannot believe that this is a Roman work at all, as I can see no vestiges of the Romans in this direction hitherto, & the object itself is very small; it could only be the praetorium of the Camp from its size. I am making further enquiries on the subject. [Initialled E.H.C] Capt. RE. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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