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Mr Allen, Tenant.
Mr. Ingram, Kirkton,
014 A Small Croft with steading and Garden attached. Property of Mr. Russell, Aden,
CHURCH (Quoad Sacra) [Kirkhill] Church
Rev: [Reverend] Mr. Leslie, Minister
Mr. Allen, Kirkhill
014 A substantial stone building erected in 1838 as a Chapel of ease for the Southern portion of the Parish. It is at present being converted into a "Quoad Sacra" Church (Kininmonth). Property of the Heritors.
MANSE [Q.S., Kirkhill] Manse
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Leslie, occupier.
Mr. Allen, Kirkhill.
014 A small thatched Cottage close to the Church, Garden and stabling attached. Property of the Heritors.

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