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BOAT OF LOGIE FERRY Boat of Logie (Ferry)
Boat of Logie (Ferry)
Boat of Logie (Ferry)
Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Gordon The Manse
Mr. James Nicol Bilbopark
Mr. James Simpson
039 This name applies to the ferry here where a boat is always ready to convey people from one side to the other
CHURCH [Kirkton of Logie Buchan] Church
Statistical Account 1843
Pratt's Buchan. 1858
Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Gordon. Minister
039 "Considering the great length of the parish the church is as conveniently situated as it could be. It was built in 1787 to hold 400 persons, and is in good repair," vide statistical acct. [account] Page 815. "From an account of the parish of Logie-Buchan, written appearantly about 1723 and preserved among Macfarlane's MS [Manuscripts] Geographical Collections, we find it stated that" ("on the north side of the river stands the house of Auchmacoy, a large mile from the Church, in whose interest there are ruins of ane old chapell, with a mortification of a house, yeard, and some land. for two old people, which is kept in good repair)" vide Pratt's Buchan Page 416.
No vestiges of the chapel or house. mentioned above are now to be seen nor can any of the inhabitants in this district, supply any information on the subject.

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Parish of Logie-Buchan

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