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River Ythan
River Ythan
Statistical Account 1843
Pratt's Buchan 1858
Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Gordon. The Manse
039 ; 048 A considerable river Flowing in a East by S.E. [South East] direction through this parish dividing it into two nearly equal halves and is navigable for light barges till the Bone Mill, (The Meadow) of Waterton) about a mile above this parish, but the tide flows as far as Ellon.
"The ythan - the Ituna of the ancients- takes its rise in the parish of Forgue, from three springs called The Wells of Ythan, which uniting their waters at about thirty yards below their source form a very respectable rivulet, which is augmented by several tributaries during its course towards the German Ocean, a distance of about thirty miles" From Pratt's Buchan. Page 227
ROB'S PANTRY Rob's Pantry
Rob's Pantry
Rob's Pantry
Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Gordon
Mr. James Simpson. Ferry-man
Mr. John Brown. Hill of Logie
039 A very steep and rocky precepice in which is a Small cave, or fissure of only a few feet in extent, and in which (tradition Says.. a man (a smuggler or a highwayman) formerly had his abode here for some time which gave rise to the name. But the place is so precipitous and the cave so small that it seems very doubtful that a man could Enter or reside there.
BROCK'S HOLE Brock's Hole
Brock's Hole
Brock's Hole
Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Gordon
Mr. James Simpson
Mr. James Nicol. Bilbopark
039 A hole or pool in the River Ythan so called some say from a man named Brock being drowned here, others say from the Brock or Badger, being formerly often seen near this place.

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