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James Buchan Esqr. Proprietor
Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Gordon. The Manse
Statistical Account 1843
Pratt's - Buchan - 1858
Collections of the Shires of Aberdeen, & Banff
039 A modern and elegant turretted Mansion "The house admirably situated, is built in the Elizabethan style, (after a plan by Mr. Burn, Edinburgh, in 1832-3) and forms a striking object in the landscape, The ground to the westward slopes gently to the margin of a little stream, and forms a beautiful lawn, embellished with clumps of trees and shrubs, and to the north rises to a gentle eminence, thickly clothed with wood. On the South and East, the house overlooks a steep glen, tastefully laid out and cut into walks, Beyond this is seen the noble sweep of the basin formed by the Ythan, with the Sea in the distance. A finer situation can hardly be imagined". The old Mansion house formerly stood where the coach house. stables &c. now are. "It appears from Robertson's Index of Scarce Charters, that the Buchans' of Auchmacoy were proprietors of that estate so far back as the year 1318 holding it of the Earl of Buchan until the forfeiture of the too powerful Cummins in the reign of King Robert Bruce. In 1503 James IV gave Andrew Buchan of Auchmacoy a new charter, and erected his lands into a free barony, which has been inherited by his lineal male descendants ever Since. The first of them having been a Son of Cummin, Earl of Buchan (whence Auchmacoy still bears the Coat of Cummin, Earl of Buchan, with a mollet for difference) who had got this small estate from his father, and did, notwithstanding the almost general rebellion of his Clan against King Robert I adhere so faithfully to that Prince that he was allowed to retain his estate (when the other Cummins were forfeited) upon conditions of his taking a new name, whereupon he chose that of Buchan. Major General Thomas Buchan, who adhered most faithfully to King James VII and King James VIII after the Revolution having maintained that cause by his sword, both in Ireland and Scotland" was a member of this family.
vide Pratt's Buchan Pages 233 & 415.

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