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PICTS HOUSES (Remains of) [Burnside] Picts' Houses (Remains of) Mr. Robert Leys, Burnside
Stat. [Statistical] Account
Dr. [Doctor] Taylor
Mr. James McNee, School near Mill of Brux
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"They are about five feet high, and eight feet wide, and roofed with large flat stones" See New Statistical Account
(Supposed Site of) CHAPEL Chapel (Site of)
Chapel (Site of) Chapel (Site of)
Dr. [Doctor] Taylor Manse Cushnie
Harry Ross, Corbanchory
Mr. McNee, Schoolmaster
061 A small piece of ground a short distance to the Eastward of Corbanchory farm house, and known as "Chapel Yard" It is supposed to be the site of an ancient chapel - "A small bit of ground on the farm of Corbanchory still untouched by the plough, and called Chapel Yard, was no doubt, attached to another place of worship - See New Statistical Account

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Aberdeenshire -- Loechel & Cushnie Ph. [Parish]

[Note] - Supposed Site of Chapel - There being no evidence of this place having ever been the site of a Chapel this name should not appear on 1/2500 plans [Initialled] F.E.P.

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