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Chapel Yard
Chapel Yard
H. Ross Corbanchory
Statistical account
Dr. [Doctor] Taylor, Manse, Cushnie
061 This name is applied to to a small square piece of unploughed land, a short distance to the East of Corbanchory farm house "A small bit of ground on the farm of Corbanchory, still untouched by the plough, and called Chapel Yard, was no doubt, attached to another place of Worship" copied from the New Statistical Account
PICTS HOUSES (Remains of) [Burnside] Picts' Houses (Remains of)
Picts' Houses (Remains of)
Picts' Houses (Remains of)
Picts' Houses (Remains of)
Mr. Robert Leys, Burnside
Stat. [Statistical] Account
Dr. [Doctor] Taylor
Mr. James McNee, School near Mill of Brux
061 This name is applied to two hollows in a corner of a field, belonging to the farm of Burnside and supposed to have been the hiding places of the Picts, "Several of these subterraneous abodes are found on the farm of Cairncullie.' When first discovered, they contained a quantity of ashes, and fragments of half burnt wood, clear indications of their having been once inhabited

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Aberdeenshire -- Loechel & Cushnie Ph. [Parish]

[Note - Picts Houses] The examiner states that the entrances to these subterraneous abodes are still visible being small hollows or cavities in the ground.

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