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300 yards of the South face can be distinctly followed, and then more faintly for some further
distance, but no remains at all exist of the S.E. [South East] angle. Part of the North face was also to be
traced on this occasion at the point where the Roman Road leaves the Camp, but as it could not then be
followed throughout, & as no remains could then be found of the N.E. [North East] angle, or of the East face, I
revisited the ground during the Summer of 1868, when the crops were up, and then traced with [the]
greatest ease all the North face (Except just at the N.W. [North West] angle), the N.E. [North East] angle, and 330 yards
of the East face. From these discoveries the form of this Camp can be drawn almost with certainty
(as shown) and it encloses a space amounting to 110 Acres, 1 Rood, an area which accords so
wonderfully with that of the 2 Camps on either side of it, that-all doubt as to its also being of Roman
construction is entirely removed.
The bend which occurs in the West face to the N.W. [North West] angle I cannot positively identify, but it has
been adopted on the testimony of two independent witnesses. James Rennie, aged 60, who lives alongside
this bend, first pointed it out to me in 1867, and said that he himself has assisted in demolishing this
part of the defences. Thomas Peter, aged 62 (who has lived all his days in the small House through which
the North face runs) also pointed it out to me on a different occasion in exactly the same line: he also
pointed out to me the general run of the north face, before I was able to trace it out for myself
on the ground, & very correctly too, on the whole.
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