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LAIRD'S CAVE Laird's Cave No. 1
Laird's Cave No. 1
Laird's Caves
Brux's Caves
Mr. Peter Sutherland Machar's haugh.
Mr. John Murdoch. Invermossat
Revd. [Reverend] John Christie The Manse.
Mr. James Reid. Templeton
051 This name applies to a natural constructed cave, consisting of large stones or rocks on each side, and a large flat stone on the top, and has an opening in the Side of about two feet and a half, the interior is about Seven feet Square by five feet high. This Cave was occupied by a former proprietor the Laird of Brux, or the Master of Forbes as a place of conceilment which he was obliged to resort to on account of the prominent and treasonable part he took in the rebellion of 1745 a reward being offered for his apprehension, he was so very closely pursued and hunted after, that for a time he was obliged to live in this Secluded place in Caves.
LAIRD'S CAVE Laird's Cave No.2
Laird's Cave No.2
Laird's Cave No.2
Mr. Peter Sutherland
Mr. John Murdoch.
Revd. [Reverend] John Christie
051 Cave No. 2 is of the same description, [as above], only that it is built or piled up of large blocks of stones, and about equal dimensions nearly level with the surface
Meg Stone
Meg Stone
Mr. Peter Sutherland
Mr. John Murdoch
Revd. [Reverend] John Christie
051 A large stone known by this name situated in the River Don.

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