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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Clashnarae Burn
Clashnarae Burn
Alexander Dow Pitenteach.
William Bruce Mid Clova.
William Reid W. [Wester] Clova.
051 Is the name of a Stream, the issue of which is about 1/8 of a mile S. [South] of Cookies Shiel Loch, where it forms the boundary of Kildrummy and Towie parishes After this stream joins Glenlaff stream each changes its name into that of the Mossat Burn The name is Gaelic and seems to mean The Ram's Vale or The Ram's Valley.
Merlin Grain
Merlin Grain
William Reid W: [Wester] Clova
William Bruce Mid Clova
M Henderson Upper Biggings
051 Is the name of a Stream which is about 1/4 of a mile in length and joins Altnakebbuck where both change their names to that of Glenloff Burn
Glenlaff Burn
Glenlaff Burn
Alexander Dow. Pitenteach
William Bruce Mid Clova
William Reid W. [Wester] Clova
051 Is the name of a Stream consisting of Altnakebbuck and Merlin Grain Burns from the junction of these two Streams it bears the name till it joins Clashnarae Burn, where both change their names to that of the Mossat Burn The Burns, Altnakebbuck Glenlaff and the Mossat form the Boundary of Auchindoir and Kildrummy parishes.

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Parish of Kildrummy

[Note relating to 'Clashnarae Burn']
Clash. The sound Caused by the fall of a body. Clash A tattler, a talebearer,
Na, Nae. No; not.
Rae. An enclosure for Cattle. (Jamieson)

[Note relating to 'Merlin Grain']
Merlie, Candid. "When honey is in this state, it is said to be merlie;
when it is beginning to grow this way, it merles."
Merlins. Expressive of surprise. Merkie-pin. That part of a plough on which the share is fixed. (Jamieson)

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