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FORD OF GLENTON Ford of Glenton
Ford of Glenton
Ford of Glenton
James Rait Esq; Keig
Mr James Birnie, Glenton
Mr Charles Reid, Glenton
053 A ford on the Don, near East Glenton.
Rake Pot
Rake Pot
Revd [Reverend] Mr Lowe Keig
James Rait Esqr Keig
Mr James Birnie, Glenton
053 A good fishing pool on the river Don, a quarter of a mile south of Phemie Pool.

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Parish of Keig

[Note beside 'Raik Pot'] - "Raik, Rayk, Rake. The extent of a walk, a swift pace." - (Jamieson)
The extent of fishing gd. [ground] &c, see Jamieson

See "Raik and Stell." - River Dee - Nigg Ph. [Parish] Kincardineshire.
[Initialled] E.H.C. Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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