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James Rait, Esqr Keig
Revd [Reverend] Mr Lowe, Keig
Valuation Roll 1859-60
053 A farmsteading with offices and garden attached; property of the Right Hon. [Honourable] Lord Forbes.
CHURCH [Keig] Church
James Rait Esqr Keig
Revd [Reverend] Mr Lowe Keig
Mr James Benton, Airlie
053 A substantial and elegant building erected in 1835. Contains about 600 sittings. Officiating clergyman Revd [Reverend] Mr Lowe.
MANSE [parish, Keig] Manse
James Rait Esqr Keig
Revd [Reverend] Mr Lowe Keig
Mr James Benton, Airlie
053 A commodious building of two stories having a garden and a small portion of ornamental ground attached. Erected in 1834.

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Parish of Keig

[Note beside 'Pitendreigh'] - Pit A hollow (Gaelic)
Draoi - A Druid, a magician, &c
Draoid - A Druid, a magician, &c
Druidh - A Druid, a magician, &c
Druidhneach - A Druid, a magician, &c

Pit - A hollow. Jamieson.
n [noun] - Dreich - Dreegh - A dwarf, stunted, &c. Jamieson.
adj [adjective] - Dreich - Dreegh. - Slow, weary, tedious &c." Jamieson.

Pit an Draoidhe
Pit an Draoi The Druid's Hollow
pronounced very nearly as the name Pitendreigh in English O.M.O. [Ordnance Mapping Office] See Remark No. 8

Pett-an fhraoich, portion or town of the heather".

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