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Nether Blackhall
Nether Blackhall
James Gordon Esq Proprietor
Mr J. Stephen Conglass
Mr W. Johnstone Brandsbutt
054 A farm house with offices and garden attached property of J. Gordon Esq. Manar House
SITE of CAIRN (Site of) Cairn
(Site of) Cairn
(Site of) Cairn
Mr James Stephen
Plan of Balhaggarty and Conglass dated 1771
Mr P. Duncan, Farmer, Drummies
054 There is very little trace of this Cairn remaining. It stands on the summit of Dilly Hill. No remans of any description have been found near it. Very little is known about it in the district but it is noticed in the plan of Balhaggarty and Conglass dated 1771
STONE CIRCLE [Remains of] Stone Circle (Remains of)
Stone Circle (Remains of)
Stone Circle (Remains of)
Mr William Johnstone,
Revd. [Reverend] Mr Davidson, Inverury
Mr P. Duncan, Drimmies
054 Four stones of this circle still remain, two of these still in their original position, and two removed. The remainder of the stones were taken either for building or agricultural purposes. When reclaiming the land on which the stones were placed a considerable quantity of ashes of burnt wood was found but no remains of any other description. One of the stones is rudely sculptured but much defaced. It stands close to the farm of Brandsbutt. (vide page 7 for drawing of this stone).

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