List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GREEN SLACK Green Slack Mr Forbes Westseat
Mr Forbes Whitelums
James Harvey Backburn
034 This name applies to a marshy natural hollow, situated on the east side of the Hill of Kirkney
RUSHY CROOK Rushy Crook Mr Allerdes Tillyminnate
Mr J. Adam Corrylair
Mr J. Smith Coynachie
034 A small hollow in the side of Kirkney Hill and near the Kirkney Quarries it is thickly covered with rushes, hence the name.

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County of Aberdeen Parish of Gartly

[Signed] F.W. Nixon Lt. R.E. [Lieutenant Royal Engineers] 15 June 71 [1871]
J. Bucklow La Corp. R.E. [Lance Corporal Royal Engineers]

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