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025 ; 026 ; 033 ; 034 The parish of Gartly is in the presbytery of Strathbogie and Synod of Moray, and in the Western Division of the County. It is bounded on the north by the parishes of Huntly & Drumblade, on the east by the parishes of Drumblade & Insch, on the south by the parishes of Rhynie and Kennethmont, and on the west by the parishes of Glass & Cabrach in the County of Banff.
The parish of Gartly is partly in the County of Aberdeen and partly in the County of Banff the latter being detached from the rest of the County and situated locally in Aberdeenshire. The portion in the County of Banff (Detached) contains abour 6348 Statute acres, in which is situated the parish Church, the remainder of the parish which is in Aberdeenshire Contains about 11778 Statute Acres. There are no detached portions of Gartly psh. [parish], nor are there any detached portions of any other parish situated within it.
"The outline of the parish is an irregular oval, extending about 12 miles in length from east to west & 6 in breadth from south to north. The hills on the border are mostly covered with heath, and afford plenty of grouse and other game, as well as a supply of fuel to the neighbouring parishes, and to the town of Huntly. Agriculture is in an advanced state upon upwards of 4,300 acres under cultivation. The remaining 10300 are in pasture, moor, or moss, and wood; but there is rather a defect of the last. The Corskie slate quarries, on the property of the Duke of Richmond, are very extensive and valuable." Fullarton's Gazetteer.

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