Aberdeenshire volume 34

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OS1/1/34/1 FRASERBURGH (Detached) Fraserburgh, Detached Fraserburgh, Detached Fraserburgh, Detached Old Statistical Account New Statistical Account Fullarton's Gazetteer 007 A Detached portion of the parish of Fraserburgh, Situated in the Eastern Division of Aberdeenshire, it is bounded on the North & East by Tyrie & Rathen parishes, on the West by Aberdour, detached, and on the South by Strichen parish. "Owing, however, to one of those irregularities, which were fallen into in the division of many parishes, the upper part (of Fraserburgh parish) is intersected for the space of nearly an English mile by the adjacent parish of Rathen." New Statistical Account.
OS1/1/34/1 [Page] 1 Fraserburgh Parish Detached
OS1/1/34/2 [Page] 2 Blank page
OS1/1/34/3 BURN OF MARNO Burn of Marno Burn of Marno Mr Stewart, Banker, Strichen Mr Peters, Strichen Mr J Wildgoose, Techmuiry 007 A Small rivulet having its rise near the public road leading from Strichen Northwards between the 3rd & 4th Milestone, and falling into the Water of Tyrie, near the Mill of Tyrie.
OS1/1/34/3 MILL CROFT Mill Croft Mill Croft Mr John Stewart, Banker, Strichen Factor Mr Slessor, Whiterashes 007 A Small croft with dwelling-house and Offices thereon. Formerly a mill and situated in the northern Extremity of the parish. The property of Alexander McNab Esqr, Glen Ochil.
OS1/1/34/3 NORTH MAINS North Mains North Mains North Mains Mr John Stewart Mr W. Hardie, Occupier Mr Slessor 007 A good farmsteading on the estate of Techmuiry. The property of Alexander McNab Esqr.
OS1/1/34/3 WHITERASHES Whiterashes Whiterashes Whiterashes Mr John Stewart, Factor. Mr Slessor, Tenant Mr W Hardie 007 A farmhouse and offices on South side of Public road a little east of the above. [North Mains] The property of Alexander McNab Esqr.
OS1/1/34/3 [Page] 3 Aberdeenshire Parish of Fraserburgh (Det) [Detached] 7.3
OS1/1/34/4 [Page] 4 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/5 MOUNT JOHN Mount John Mount John Mount John William Pirie, North Craighill George Wallace, Whitebog George Scott, Greenburn 007 Applicable to a large granite boulder on the parish boundary, about 32 Chains west of Whitebog (VII.7.Trace 1). It is well known in the locality as an ancient landmark. The origin of the name is not known.
OS1/1/34/5 [Page] 5 Aberdeenshire Parish of Fraserburgh (Det) [Detached] VII.6
OS1/1/34/6 [Page] 6 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/7 WHITEBOG Whitebog Whitebog Whitebog Mr Wallace, Tenant Mr Gellam, Mountsolie Mr Stewart, Strichen 007 A neat farmhouse and Garden attached, near the parish boundary. Prop. [Proprieter] Mr McNab. Tichmuire [Techmuiry]
OS1/1/34/7 MARNO Marno Marno Marno Mr Mill, Tenant. Mr Gellan. Mr Stewart. 007 A substantial Farmhouse, and Steading, North of and near the public Road Propr. [Proprietor] Mr. McNab.
OS1/1/34/7 NORTH TARWATHIE North Tarvathie North Tarvathie Mr Simson, Tenant Mr Stewart 007 A large farm steading dwelling ho. [house] & garden attached. Mr. M. Baird Propr. [Proprietor]
OS1/1/34/7 [Page] 7 Parish of Frazerburg (Detd.) [Detached] Plan 7 - 7
OS1/1/34/8 [Page] 8 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/9 TECHMUIRY Techmuiry Techmuiry Techmuiry Tichmurie Mr John Stewart Banker Strichen Factor Mr Slessor Whiterashes Mr W. Hardie. North Mains Mr Copland Schoolmaster Techmuiry 007 A small mansion house, now used as a farm house. A stone inserted on front bears date "1600", said to have been the year of its erection. Offices are attached. The property of Alexander McNab Esq. Glenochil House by Stirling. of the Post Town
OS1/1/34/9 SOUTH MAINS South Mains South Mains South Mains Mr John Stewart Mr Slessor Mr William Park, Tarwathie 007 A farmsteading on the above estate. The property of Alexander McNab Esq.
OS1/1/34/9 SCHOOL [Techmuiry] School School School Mr John Stewart Mr William Park Mr Copland (Teacher) 007 A neat Structure with teacher's house attached, Situated on Side of Public road about 30 Chains South of Techmuiry. It is the Side School in Connection with the parochial school of Fraserburgh.
OS1/1/34/9 SOUTH TARWATHIE South Tarvathie Authorised and described on Plan 7.II. Described on Plan VII.II.
OS1/1/34/9 [Page] 9 Aberdeenshire Parish of Fraserburgh (Det) [Detached] 7.7
OS1/1/34/10 [Page] 10 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/11 MOUNTSOLIE Mountsolie Mountsolie Mountsolie Mr Stewart, Banker, Strichen Mr Gillan, Tenant Mr Club, Tenant 007 This name applies to Several Crofts, reclaimed at various periods from the Moss, Stretching from the Ph Boud. [Parish Boundary] East ward across the public road. Property of Mr McNab Tichmurie [Techmuiry]
OS1/1/34/11 [Page] 11 Parish of Frazerburgh (Detd.) [Detached] Plan 7 - 6,
OS1/1/34/12 [Page] 12 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/13 BURNTACK Burntack Burntack Burntack Mr John Stewart, Factor Mr James Morris, Tenant Mr William Park, Tarwathie 007 A small croft on South Side of Public road, a little east of School (7.7.trace 3) The property of Alexander McNab Esqr. Glen Ochil.
OS1/1/34/13 SANDHOLE Sandhole Sandhole Sandhole Mr John Stewart Mr Samuel Smith, Tenant Mr William Park 007 A superior farmhouse, and Offices. The property of Alexander McNab Esqr.
OS1/1/34/13 [Page] 13 Aberdeenshire Parish of Fraserburgh (Det) [Detached] 7.8
OS1/1/34/14 [Page] 14 Blank page
OS1/1/34/15 BURN OF AUCHENTUMB Burn of Auchentumb Burn of Auchentumb Burn of Auchentumb William Jack Hawkhill Strichen James Murray, Auchentumb James Peters, Strichen 007 A small stream bearing this name from the junction of the parishes of Aberdour (Det), [Detached] Fraserburgh (Det) [Detached] and Tyrie (VII.6 Trace 6) Is continuation of Mirydubs Burn. Flows in a southerly direction to bend 10 Chains south-west of Craighill farmhouse, (VII.11 trace 4) thence called Burn of Braco. Throughout its course it forms part of the parish boundary.
OS1/1/34/15 [Page] 15 Aberdeenshire Parish of Fraserburgh (Det.) [Detached] VII.10 [Note] Auchentomb Burn in Plan.
OS1/1/34/16 [Page] 16 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/17 BANKHEAD Bankhead Bankhead Mr Simson, Tenant Mr Stewart, P.O. [Post Office] Strichen 007 A Small thatched Croft house near the Ph. Boud. [Parish Boundary] Property of Mr. McNab Tichmuire [Techmuiry]
OS1/1/34/17 AUCHENTUMB BURN Auchentumb Burn Authorised & described in name book of Aberdour detached.
OS1/1/34/17 [Page] 17 Parish of Frazerburgh (Detd.) [Detached] Plan 7 - 10
OS1/1/34/17 Mirydubs Burn [Crossed out] Cancelled. not in Fraserburgh Det. [Detached] [in] Name Book of Tyrie Parish
OS1/1/34/18 [Page] 18 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/19 SOUTH TARWATHIE South Tarwathie South Tarwathie Mr Esslemont Mrs Simson, Tenant 007 A neat Croft Outhouses etc. attached, North off the Public road. Mr Baird Propr. [Proprietor.] There are also Five holdings a little to the East. bearing the same name as the above.
OS1/1/34/19 CRAIGHILL Craighill Craighill Craighill Mr Morris, Tenant Mr Pirie. Mr Esslemont. 007 A substantial farm house & steading, in good repair Nice Garden attached. Mr Baird propr. [proprietor.]
OS1/1/34/19 BOGENSOURIE Bogensourie Bogensourie Mr. [Rolli], Tenant, Mr Pirie 007 A substantial farm house & steading, garden attached, west of the Public Road. Property of Mr Baird. The same name is also applied to a small Croft on the East side of the P. [Public] road. At present in the occupation of Mr [Cranna.]
OS1/1/34/19 [Page] 19 Ph. [Parish] of Frazerboro (Detd.) [Detached] Plan 7 - 11
OS1/1/34/20 NORTH CRAIGHILL North Craighill North Craighill Mr Pirie, Tenant Mr Esslemont Rivehill 007 A neat Farm House and steading. Garden in Front. North of the Public Road. Mr Baird Strichen Ho. [House] Propr. [Proprietor]
OS1/1/34/20 FLINT ARROWHEADS FOUND [North Craighill] Flint Arrowheads Found 007 Near the above Farmhouse [North Craighall] Mr Pirie while ploughing turned up "Flint arrowheads"
OS1/1/34/20 URN FOUND HERE [North Craighill] Urn Found Here 007 Near the above Farmhouse [North Craighall] Mr. Pirie while ploughing turned up "Flint Arrowheads" and an "Urn" nearly entire As enumerated - see Trace.
OS1/1/34/20 RIVEHILL Rivehill Rivehill Mr Esslemont Tenant Mr Pirie 007 A Substantial Farm Ho. [House] and Steading East of the public road. Mr Baird Propr. [Proprietor.]
OS1/1/34/20 [Page] 20 Parish of Frazerburgh (Detd.) [Detached] Plan 7 - 11
OS1/1/34/21 MOSS-SIDE Moss-side Moss-side Moss-side Mr John Stewart, Strichen Factor Mr William Park S [South] Tarvathie Mr James Crannie. 007 This name applies to a farm (trace 3) and three crofts, situated southwestward of the same. The property of Alexander McNab Esqr. Glen Ochil.
OS1/1/34/21 FROSTYNIB Frostynib Frostynib Frostynib Mr William Park Mr James Crannie Mr John Stewart 007 A Small farmsteading. The property of George Baird Esqr. Strichen
OS1/1/34/21 BURN OF BRACO Burn of Braco Described in Name Book of Strichen Ph. [Parish] Sheet 7.15
OS1/1/34/21 [Page] 21 Aberdeenshire Parish of Fraserburgh (Det) [Detached] 7.11
OS1/1/34/22 [Page] 22 Blank Page
OS1/1/34/23 MAINS OF HATTON Mains of Hatton Mains of Hatton Mains of Hatton Mr John Stewart. Strichen Factor Mr William Coutts. Tenant Mr William Park Tarvathie 007 A good farmsteading. The property of Alexander McNab Esqr. The dwelling house was formerly the Mansion of Hatton.
OS1/1/34/23 MORMOND HILL See Name Book for Strichen page 5
OS1/1/34/23 HILLFOOT Hillfoot Hillfoot Hillfoot Mr John Stewart. Mr William Coutts. Mr William Park. 007 A Small farm, Situate a little South of the above. [Mains of Hatton] The property of Alexander McNab Esqr.
OS1/1/34/23 WAUGHTON HILL Waughton Hill Authorized & described in name Book of Rathen Parish
OS1/1/34/23 EYE STONE Eye Stone Authorized & described in name Book of Rathen Parish
OS1/1/34/23 [Page] 23 Aberdeenshire Parish of Fraserburgh (Det.) [Detached] 7.12 [Signed] Bruce H. Melville Capt. RE. [Captain, Royal Engineers] Oct. 31st 1870
OS1/1/34/24 [Page] 24 OS1/1/34 NAME BOOK of the PARISH OF FRASERBURGH (Det.) [Detached] ABERDEENSHIRE (Eastern Division) 1/2500 Scale [Stamped] Ordnance Survey M.S. Store Southampton 16 APR. 95 [1895]
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