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Site of COLLEGE [Fraserburgh] Site of College
Site of College
Site of College
Old Statistical Account
Pratts' Buchan
003 At the extreme west end of Fraserburgh on a slightly elevated piece of ground is the site of an Old College: a few building stones are still lying about to mark the spot.
"The College which stood on the cross still bearing its name, had no connection with the buildings erected by Sir A. Fraser. The site of the older college, which for the sake of distinction may be termed the Monks College, was traceable as late as the early part of the present century, but it is now entirely obliterated by the plough
Pratts' Buchan
P. [Page]181

"In the west end of Fraserburgh is an old quadrangular Tower, the roof is dismantled: but three stories remain containing so many arched rooms one above another. By a charter from the Crown dated at Edinburgh
1st July 1592. besides privileges for the Town of Fraserburgh, powers were given to Sir Alexander Fraser his male heirs and assignees, to erect and endow a College and University, to appoint a Rector a Principal a Sub-principal and all the Proffessors for teaching the different services they should think proper and necessary, and to make laws for the preservation of good order, and to enforce them, and every immunity and privilege of an University is granted."
"In the year 1597 the General Assembly recommended Mr Charles Frame Minister here to be principal. The above mentioned Tower was the beginning of the buildings designed for the College. But the purposes of the grant have not been further fulfilled:"
Old Statistical Account

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