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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
HEUGH-HEAD Heugh-head
Mr. William Warrack, Factor, Fintray
Mr. David Milne, Teacher, Fintray
Valuation Roll 1864-5
065 A small croft with dwellinghouse, offices, and garden attached; property of Sir William Forbes Bart. [Baronet].
Faemiewell Pot
Faemiewell Pot
Mr. William Warrack
Mr. David Milne
Mr. Robert Gordon, Fintray
065 A very deep pool in the river Don, at a bend opposite the Mill of Dyce. The public road runs along the top of the high, precipitous bank of the river here, and was left unprotected until some person fell over and was drowned, after which the present wooden railing was erected.
It is reported that several persons have been drowned here.
Faemiewell Cottage
Faemiewell Cottage
Mr. William Warrack
Mr. David Milne
Valuation Roll 1864-5
065 A neat cottage on the north side of the public road above Faemiewell Pot, from which it derives its name. Property of Sir William Forbes, Bart. [Baronet].

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 63
Parish of Fintray

[Note relating to 'Heugh-head'] - "Heuch, Heugh, Hewch, Huwe, Heve, Hew, - A crag, A Steep hill, a bank, a glen with
Steep overhanging braes, etc. etc. (Jamieson)

[Note relating to 'Faimiewell Pot'] - "faimie - foamy" (Jamieson)
"Phemia - An abbreviation of Euphemia." (Jamieson)
Literally - The foamywell Pot - as it is well known that foam, brought down by
a rapid stream, rests on the bosom of a pool or Pot.

[Note relating to 'Faimiewell Cottage'] - The derivation of this word is self evident, and I have adopted
Faimiewell as the correct orthographical prefix to these objects. [Signed] E.H. Courtney Capt.R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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