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HATTON OF FINTRAY Hatton of Fintray
Hatton of Fintray
Hatton of Fintray
Mr. William Warrack, Factor Fintray
Mr. David Milne Teacher Fintray
Revd. [Reverend] William Ogilvie, Minister Fintray
065 A small village situated on the north bank of the river Don and at the south end of the parish of Fintray. It contains two schools, an Inn and a Post Office. The houses are principally one storey, in height and in very good repair. Property of Sir William Forbes, Bart. [Baronet]
In "Extracts from Collections on the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff," the "Chapel of Saint Giles in Hatton" is mentioned. No information whatever can be gleaned respecting this; the name itself is not Known to any person now living in the village. A few chains west of the School is a small graveyard said to have been consecrated by Bishop Elphinstone, founder of King's College, Aberdeen, some time in the beginning of the sixteen century
MANSE [Hatton of Fintray] Manse
Mr. William Warrack
Mr. David Milne
Revd. [Reverend] William Ogilvie
065 A large and substantial building of two storeys, situated a short distance west of the church. Erected in 1821.

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Parish of Fintray

[Note relating to 'Hatton of Fintray'] - "Ha'ton - the Manor Town or House." (Jamieson)
"Fine - A tribe or family.
Fian - A Fingalian.
Fionntaidh - Fingalians
"Tràigh - (pronounced tray) the Shore or beach." (Gaelic)

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