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CHURCH (Remains of) [Hatton of Fintray] Church (Remains of)
Church (Remains of)
Church (Remains of)
Mr. William Warrack, Factor, Fintray
Mr. David Milne, Teacher Fintray
Revd. [Reverend] William Ogilvie, Minister Fintray
065 This church was "built by Sir William Forbes of Craigievar A.D. 1703, but which I cannot say is consecrated. This new church has an isle for this family, wherein there is also a room for their use, and again within it, a hearth and cupboard etc. so that people may eat and drink, and even smoak in it if they will." Extract from Collections on the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff.
The west gable, surmounted by a belfry, is all that now remains of this church, the remainder of the material having been used in the erection of the present church. Close to the north wall of the church "a vault of extraordinary strength was built a few years ago (in 1830) by the parishioners, to secure dead bodies from resurrectionists; from whence, after remaining perhaps three months or more, the bodies are removed and regularly interred." Extract from Statistical Account. This vault still exists, but has not been used for many years.
Abbey Cottage
Abbey Cottage
Mr. William Warrack
Mr. David Milne
Revd. [Reverend] William Ogilvie
065 A neat and substantial cottage, situated a short distance east of the church; property of Sir William Forbes Bart. [Baronet].

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