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Site of ABBEY [Fintray] (Site of) Abbey
(Site of) Abbey
(Site of) Abbey
Mr. John Cumming, Merchant, Fintray
Mr. Robert Gordon Fintray
Revd. [Reverend] William Ogilvie, Minister Fintray
065 The late minister (Mr. Leslie) "when improving his glebe dug up the foundations of some buildings, supposed to have belonged to the Abbacy of Lindores in Fife; a branch of which is said to have stood where the principal burying ground of this parish now is. The buildings (denominated the Northern Abbey) are supposed to have been erected about the year 1386, from a stone bearing that date having been observed many years ago in in the dike of the burying ground, which had probably been composed of fragments of the demolished abbey, whereof no vestige now remains above the surface of the ground; but the foundations of its walls occasionally interrupt the digging of graves." Extract from Statistical Account.
The "church of Fintray" belonged to the Abbacy of Lindores at a period long previous to the supposed date of erection of the "Northern Abbey", as Earl David, brother of King William of Scotland, granted to the abbey for its use the church of Londors and the church of Fintray, (de Fintrith) amongst many others, by a charter dated A.D. 1202.
"The proprietor of the lands of Fintray collects and pays to the Exchequer the feu-duties which belonged to the Abbacy of Lindores, - several of the landed estates in this part of the country holding of said Abbacy and paying feu-duty thereto." Extract from Statistical Account.
Hatton Bridge
Hatton Bridge
Mr. John Cumming, Merchant, Fintray
Mr. Robert Gordon, Fintray
Rev. [Reverend] William Ogilvie, Parish Clergyman
065 A bridge across the River Don at Boat of Hatton, previous to the erection of which a ferryboat carried people across, which gave rise to the Name - Boat of Hatton.

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