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River Don
River Don
Mr. William Warrack, Factor Fintray
Mr. David Milne, Teacher Fintray
Mr. John Cumming, Merchant, Fintray
065 "A river in Aberdeenshire which rises in the mountains of Curgarff at the head of Strathdon parish. Its banks are remarkably beautiful and romantic. It receives the Laschel, the Ury, and numerous other streams, and falls ino the German Ocean on the north side of Old Aberdeen, about two miles from the mouth of the Dee. It abounds with trout and its salmon fishings are valuable." Extract from Pocket Gazetteer of Scotland. It forms the southern boundary of Fintary parish, separating it from the parishes of Dyce, Kinellar, and Kintore.
DONALD'S HILLOCK Donald's Hillock
Donald's Hillock
Donald's Hillock
Mr. William Warrack
Mr. David Milne
Mr. John Cumming
065 A very small wooded Knoll situated on the south side of the public road close to the parish school. The origin of the name is unknown. Property of Sir William Forbes Bart. [Baronet].

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Parish of Fintray

[Note relating to 'River Don'] - "Don - A favourite, from Hisp. [Hispanic] Don" (Jamieson)
Don - Mischief, Evil, Bad,
Contemptible etc. (Jamieson)

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