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STONE CIRCLES [Ochie Hill] Stone Circles (Sites of supposed) Mr. William Warrack, Newmill, Fintray 055 Two circular banks, certainly artificial, about four feet broad and, from the centre of enclosures two feet high, having an entrance about eight feet wide, and always pointing Southward. At each side of the entrance a stone is placed which is sunk about two feet into the earth and raised one foot. On the western side of the entrance to Circle No. 1. are two stones, not so much raised as those already mentioned but probably as deeply sunk - these with the circular bank have suggested the idea that they may have been stone circles - Except Mr. Warrack's opinion there is no other information in the district. As the field in which Circle No. 1. is placed, is being trenched, this circle will soon be effaced.
NB. On my examining this ground on which these "Circles" occur, one of them had been nearly entirely removed, the field having been just trenched, & from the fact that no remains were discovered I would imagine that it was not a "sepulchral" circle but only a "place of worship". The other Circle, I believe to be really one of these Druidical remains, & in this conjecture I am supported by Mr. C.E. Dalrymple, one of the Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries (Scot:) [Scotland] who kindly examined it for me. It is proposed shortly to have a digging at this Circle, when it's character will be more easily arrived at. McKenzie the tenant at Logie (a farm about a mile S.E. [South East] of this place) stated that one of these Circles was called "Cabury" a very Teutonic sounding name indeed, - like "Cadbury Camp" in Somersetshire, &c. &c." [Signed] E.H. Courtney Capt.R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers], 30th June 1866.

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[Notes relating to 'Stone Circles'] - Note. This will be written
on the Plan, when
returned to me
with Remarks. [Initialled] E.H.C.
Since writing my Memo:
I have been present at the
digging that occurred at
these Circles, and there is
now no doubt that both are
veritable Circles, & in both
sepultures have occurred.
No urns were found in either, & it is therefore supposed that they are either of a very early type, or
that else the clay (composing the urns) was of a bad quality, which has now mixed with the soil. [Initialled] E.H.C. Capt.R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers] 31st July 1866.

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