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Site of EARLS HILL Earl's Hill
Earl's Hill
Earl's Hill
Alexander Gordon Esq, Castle of Ellon.
Mr. Jamieson, Factor for Ellon.
Pratts History of Buchan.
038 This name is applied to a small piece of land on which stands a portion of the New Inn, there is no hill visible now, but, it is evident that there was once a hill here, which probably was levelled before the houses were erected.-
Pratts history of Buchan, says, Here all inferior holders of land, who, in a certain sense, were his vassals, engaged by "ane band of manrent" that they "sall heill his consaill, and gif hime the best consaill" they "cane gif ony he askis" - assembled at his bidding, each attended by his own special retainers, all mounted, and armed to the teeth. Here all cases of importance throughout the Thanedom, were tried, and summarily decided. The place of assembly was the Moot Hill, called in later times the Earl's Hill of Ellon; a spot situated on the left bank of the Ythan, eighty or ninety yards below where the bridge now crosses the river.

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Ellon

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