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Barmekin of Echt
Barmekin of Echt
Danish Camp
Mr. R May
Mr William Malcolm, Teacher
Mr. William Henry
Stuart's Antiquarian Essays
Chalmer's Caledonia
New Statistical Account
073 This Camp is situated on the Summit of the Barmekin Hill, which is about 1200 feet above the Sea level, The Camp is 560 yards in Circumference, and consists of two walls, which are Surrounded by three ditches, The walls, at one time, have been very strong, but are now, almost level with the ground. The ditches are for the most part entire. Tradition points it out to be Danish.
There are the remains of undoubted Gateways on the North & South of this Work & on the east there is a Gap in the inner wall but then stops.

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Echt

[Note relating to 'Camp'] - Barmekin of Echt " A British Fortification"

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