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Site of STONE CIRCLE [Leys of Dummuies] Stone Circle (site of) Alexander Forbes, Leys of Drummuie
William Balgown, Shieldknow
George Innes, Adamston
026 The site of This Circle was pointed out to me by the tenant of The Leys of Drummuie who, about 30 years ago helped to remove the stones for building purposes -
It consisted of two distinct circles the inner one was about 8 feet in diameter and formed of roughly dressed stones the size of which were about 3 feet long 18 inches broad by 6 inches thick - Within this circle a quantity of burnt bones and black earth was found.
The outer circle was about 40 feet in diameter, and composed of a good number of rough stones averaging in size - from 3 to 5 feet long and of an oblong shape.

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County of Aberdeen -- Parish of Drumblade

[Signed] George Hobson C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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