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FITTIE BRAE Fittie Brae J. Anderson. Greenhaugh,
J. Leslie. Mill of Greenhaugh.
A. Beattie, Cocklarachy,
026 A steep brae. by the side of the River Bogie. and situated near to where the Burn of Birkenhill joins that River. it is well known by this name. & is the property of His grace the Duke of Richmond.
BURN OF BIRKENHILL Burn of Birkenhill J.Anderson. Greenhaugh,
J. Leslie. Mill of Greenhaugh.
A. Beattie. Cocklarachy,
026 A small burn taking its rise near to the farm of Birkenhill. and flowing Westwards until it joins the River Bogie. at a short distance from the Fittie Brae. it forms part of the Parish March.

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County of Aberdeen -- Parish of Drumblade

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