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FLINT ARROWHEADS FOUND HEREABOUTS [Howe of Doubledirks] Flint arrowheads found hereabout.
Flint arrowheads found hereabout.
Flint arrowheads found hereabout.
Mr. Moir Ardiffery
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt, Chapel Hill.
Mr. Snell, Bridgend.
031 Mr. Moir of Ardiffery says, that he has often found flint arrowheads here, and I may mention that Mr. Murray told me that there was a Flint Axe also found in this field by one McLeod a Shepherd, but when I spoke to McLeod about it, he said he never found anything of the sort, and new nothing about it.
HOWE OF DOUBLEDIRKS Howe of Doubledirks Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt 031 Dr. [Doctor] Pratt says that this is a very old name and the late Revd. [Reverend] Alexander Cock, Ph. [Parish] Minister new it well. Tradition says there was a desperate battle fought here between some of the Danes & Scots.
Mr. Murray, Nethermill.
Mr. Snell, Bridgend.
Mr. Moir, Ardiffery.
031 A small croft, situated near the Parish Manse, the property of the Earl of Erroll. Slains Castle.

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