List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
STONE CELT FOUND HERE A.D. 1840 [Little Mains] Stone celt found here A.D. 1840 Mr. J. Perrie Little Mains
Mr. G. Taylor Muckle Mains
031 In the year 1840 while Mr. Perrie was removing a heap of Stones from the side of the road leading to his house he found a very good specimen of the stone axe. Mr. Perrie has it in his possession.
Mr. A. Mutch Tenant
Mr. A. Reid Smithyhill
Mr. W. Vass Mill of Auquharney
031 A small croft with dwelling-house offices, garden &c. attached the property of Mr. Yeats Auquharney House

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Cruden

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