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CAMP [Continued from page 4]
And trust thine elfin foe to see,
In guise of thy worst enemy.
That old Camp's deserted round,
Sir Knight, you well might mark the mound
The Pictish race,
The trench, long sines in blood did trace;
The moor around is brown and bare,
The space within is green and fair.
The spot our village children know,
For there the earliest wild-flowers grow;
But woe betide the wandering wight,
That treads its circle in the night.
Corse O'Ballah
Corse O'Ballah
J. Shepherd Esq West Gask
J. Johnstone Esq Moreseat
031 This name applies to a small piece of ground on the boundary between the Parishes of Cruden & Longside, situated about ¾ of a mile to northwest of the farm of Moreseat.

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Cruden

[Note - 'Corse O'Balloch'] - Cors. Corse. The Cross or rood, a crucifix, Market place from the cross being formerly erected there. The name sometimes given to a piece of silver money, from its bearing the figure of a cross.
Balloch. Belloch, a narrow pass (Jamieson)

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