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BARROW (The Battery) The Battery
The Battery
The Battery
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt, Cruden
John Milne Oldtown
William Castles, Hay farm
040 On a Slope a Short distance north of the Hawk Law and separated from it by a small ravine, there is a long mound, Supposed to be artificial, called the Battery. The Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt in his notes on "Buchan" Supposes it to be a "barrow" and thus speaks of it. "Buchan is not wholly destitute of those ancient tumuli termed Barrows, that is, artificial mounds of various but specific forms, some circular, other elliptical, and others long. The long barrow has been described as "somewhat depressed in the centre, and more elevated towards one end than the other." Wilson, in his Archaeology of Scotland, Says of the long barrow, that "it may be assumed with little hesitation as one of the earliest forms of Sepulchral earthworks." It is now he adds, "comparitively rare".
With reference to this subject, I may mention that there is a mound answering exactly to this description on immediately to the north of the Hawklaw of Cruden. It is known as the Battery. We can hardly take upon ourselves to say that this is positively a barrow; but that the mound has been artificially raised there cannot be a doubt. We are not aware that it has ever been examined. (See appendix H.) pp. [pages] 33.34. Chap III. [Chapter 3]

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[Note relating to 'Barrow (The Battery'] - Barrow. A large hillock, or mound of earth, raised by the ancients as repositories of the dead.

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