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GREEN SAND STONE FOUND HERE Green sand stone found here 031 [Continued from page 13]
P. [Page] 13 little water-worn, if indeed they could be said to be so at all, and obviously not in situ. No rocks belonging to the group just named are known to exist in Buchan. Chalk Flints - These, though occurring plentifully in the parish, are not confined to it, but range on the heights through most of the adjoining parishes. The Buchan Chalk Flints, and organics contained in them, have been noticed by several writers. In this place it may suffice to notice the following particulars regarding them. "1. They occur only on the heights. "2. The are all water worn, and some of them much weathered. "3. The species of organics, which are numerous, are clearly referable to the cretaceous group. "4. The chalk flints occur often in a thick superficial layer, but oftener scattered over the surface, and appear to have connection with the varying nature of the surface, which consists chiefly of gravel from primary rocks. "5. No chalk exists in the district in situ, nor are the diluvial layers calcareous. Within these chalk flints scattered on the surface, a suspicion naturally arises that the sandstone fragments on the hill of Moorseat, already mentioned, may be more likely referable to the lower cretaceous layers, or greensand, than the oolite. All that can be at present affirmed is, that the species rather indicate the contrary; but a more extensive examination of so interesting a point is highly desirable.

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Cruden

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