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St Olaus Well
St Olaus Well
Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt Cruden
James Wilken Hatton Village
Keith Forbes Chapelhill
040 A Small Spring about half a mile east of the farm of Oldtown of Ardendraught. At Certain times as many as seven Springs Can be Seen bubbling at once, from which circumstance it receives the (local) name of the Seven Sisters. The Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt thus describes it. "Not far from these" ("The Hawklaw" and the "Battery") there is a well dedicated to St Olaus, the patron Saint of the parish. It is a Copious spring of pure water bubbling up in ever varying jets from a bottom of Sand. It was formerly of Sufficient importance to invite the pilgrimages of the devotee. And here we have Thomas the Rhymer; but, unlike his usual raticinations, his prophecy in this instance, seems to imply some peculiar immunities to the locality, with reference to the sanctity of this well:-
"St Olaus's Well, low by the sea,
Where pest nor plague shall ever be". Buchan. p [page] 34 Chap III [Chapter 3] by the Revd [Reverend] John B Pratt M.A. [Master of Arts]

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