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High Law
High Law
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt. Cruden
Mr. Murray, Nethermill
Keith Forbes Chapel Hill
039 A Small hill in the Southern part of the parish, on its top is a small mound supposed to be artificial. The Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt. Cruden. in his "Buchan" thus describes it :- "The High Law, about two miles South of the Moat, and near the Southern boundary of the parish, is a small hill rising to the height of about 300 feet above the level of the sea, and about a mile distant. It is rather steep on the Southern and eastern acclivities, and overlooks broad fields which lie between it and the rocky seaboard. On the top of this hill is an artificial mound raised about ten feet above the natural surface of the hill, and has probably been higher. Its diameter is about thirty feet. The circumference had been marked by a rude, low fence, or dyke of Stones part of which has been removed. The mound itself is of a conical shape, and is supposed to have been used for beacon fires. It commands a view of some of the mountains in the upper part of the Country, and in the Grampian range, as well as of the other laws and mounds in the more immediate vicinity - The Broad Law, the Kip Law, The Hawk Law, and, when they existed, the mounds on the Deery Hill, the Moat Hill of Ardiffery and the Hills of Aldie". Page 43. Chap [Chapter] 3. - 2nd edition.

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