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Site of BATTLE between the Scots and Danes A.D. 1014 [Ardendraught] (Site of) Battle of Cruden
(Site of) Battle of Cruden
(Site of) Battle of Cruden
Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt. Cruden
Alexander Murray. Nethermill
Keith Forbes. Chapel Hill.
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(Site of) Battle of Cruden (Continued)
"a collect for his day; and an annual fair is held in Cruden, in honour of his memory, on the second Tuesday of April, called "St Olaus' Fair."
Note C. Cruden was of old called Invercruden, that is, Cruden near the mouth of a stream. The name is said by some to be derived from Croch Dain, Croja Danorum; Croja Dain or Crushain, which in different languages denote the slaughter of the Danes. Others again are of opinion that it was called Cruden or Cruthen, from its forming part of the Ancient Cruthencia or Pictish kingdom, so called from Cruthen, the first king of the Picts. The Revd [Reverend] Mr. Rust of Slains is of opinion that "Cruden is derived from Cruad, a stone, in the plural Cruadan, probably Cruaidhaichean, Stones, or the Corele Bellenden has the following remarks: "King Malcolme, havand his realm in sicker peace, thocht nathing sa gud as to keip the promes maid to Danis; and, thairfore, he biggit ane kirk at Buchquhane, dedicat in honour of Olavus, patron of Norroway and Denmark to be ane memoriall, that sindry noblis of Danis wer sumtime buryit in the said kirk. In memory heirof, the landis, that ar gevin to this kirk, ar callit yit, Croivdan; quhilk signifyis als mekil as the Slauchter of Danis. The kirk that was biggit to this effect, as oftimes occurris in thay partis, was ouircassin be violent blast of sandis. Nochtwithstanding, ane Kirk was biggit efter, with mair magnificence, in ane othir place, mair granand (landward) Sindry of thair bonis war sene be us, schort time afore the making of this buke, mair like giandis than common stature of men: throw quhilk, apperis, that men, in auld times, hes bene of mair stature and quantite, than ony men ar presently in our days." from Croniklis of Scotland. b. [book] XI., Chap [Chapter] XVIII., [18] Vol [Volume] II., [2] p [page] 247-49." Extract from "Buchan" by the Revd. [Reverend] John B. Pratt M.A. [Master of Arts] &c. Chap [Chapter] III. [3] pp [pages] 37-40. Second edition

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Ph. [Parish] of Cruden

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