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CRUDEN Parish of Cruden
Parish of Cruden
Parish of Cruden
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031 ; 032 ; 039 ; 040 The Parish of Cruden is a very large one, and is situated about 24 miles northeast of the City of Aberdeen, and about 5 miles southwest of the Burgh of Peterhead in the Buchan district of Aberdeenshire. The most of this parish is at present under cultivation, and the moorland which stretches from the House of Auquharney in the south, to the boundary between Cruden & Peterhead in the north, is fast being reclaimed. This parish appears to be very flat when viewed from the Hill of Dudwick in the parish of Ellon, but when one gets fairly into it, they then find it to consist of a series of small hills, though of no great hight. There is very little wood in this parish, in fact the north east portion is almost without a single tree, which gives the district a very bleak & wintery appearance. There are four villages in this parish, the principal of which is Hatton, and is situated near the centre of the parish. Then there is the villages of Whinnyfold, Ward of Cruden and Buller's of Buchan, which are all fishing villages and are situated along the coast. This parish has two parochial Schools, one situated at Bog Brae, and the other which is the principal one, is near the Post Office, besides these, there is the Free Church School, situated in the village of Hatton, and the Erroll (Episcopal) Schools which are situated near St. James's Church, and several other small ones. There are three places of worship in this parish Viz. The parish Church, the Free Church and St. James's Church (Episcopal) - the parish Church is a very plain substantial edifice, it was erected in the year 1777, and is situated in a hollow near the "Bishops Bridge", at the end of the Aad Braes. The Free Church is a very plain barnlike building, having no ecclesiastical pretensions, it was erected in the year 1843 or 1844. St. James's Episcopal Church is built on a hill called the Chapel Hill, it is a very pretty building and well attended, and forms a prominent feature in the landscape, it is to be seen from almost any part of the parish, it was built in 1843, and dedicated to St. James the Less, the first Bishop of Jerusalem. There are very few mansion houses in this parish in fact the only ones worth notice, are Slains Castle the Seat of the Right Hon. [Honourable] the Earl of Errol, which is situated on the edge of the cliff, a little north of the village of Ward of Cruden, and Auquharney House, the Summer residence of Mr. Yeats, Advocate, Aberdeen, besides these there is Yonderton, Moreseat, and Aldie, but they are all farmhouse looking buildings, and can scarcely be called mansion houses. This parish is bounded on the east by the North Sea, and the cliffs along the coast present a magnificent appearance, especially when viewed from the sea. The cliffs in
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