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Site of ENGAGEMENT between the Clans Forbes and Gordon A.D. 1572 (Site of) Battle
(Site of) Battle
(Site of) Battle
(Site of) Battle
(Site of) Battle
Mr Gordon, Crofter, near Gordonstown
Revd [Reverend] Mr Minto, Kirkton, Clatt.
Mr Gordon, Farmer, Gordonstown
Mr Smith, Farmer, Dykenook.
Caledonian Itinerary
043 A battle was fought here in the year 1572. between the Gordons' and Forbes's. "The Gordon and Forbes clan at this period had the supreme power and authority in the north of Scotland. The two families lived in secret emulation, and were hushed by an intermarriage, but unhappily not of long duration. John Forbes, Viscount of Druminnor repudiated his wife, Margaret Gordon, daughter to George Earl of Huntly, instigated by Black Arthur (Lord Arthur Forbes), who mortally hated the whole of the Gordons thus discontent and divorces prevailed until the old rancorous flame burst forth afresh. Sir Adam Gordon when he heard of this coalition marched with a few chosen friends to Tillyangus, fully resolved to thwart the Forbes'. Laing says in his Itinerary. The Forbes' perceiving the approach of the Gordons, fortified and intrenched their camp, and then divided their army in two divisions. The right wing lying nearest to the Gordons' was commanded by that noble hero Black Arthur. Adam Gordon having but a handful of men, attacked the first division, while his brother Robert engaged the second, broke their Entrenchment and plied them briskly with the spear. Black Arthur & many of the Forbes' fell. On seeing him fall the Army fled, and were pursued by the Gordons' to the Castle of Druminnor. In this engagement John Gordon of Buckie fell and a few others." (Laing's Itinerary Pages 94. & 95.)
R. Dickson Sapper RE [Royal Engineers]

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