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Site of CAUSEWAY [nr Gartnach Hill] Supposed Site of Causeway
Supposed Site of Causeway
Supposed Site of Causeway
Mr Booth Hillhead
Mr Gordon Gordonstown Revd [Reverend] John Minto Schoolmaster
043 This is supposed to be the site of a paved way or Causeway, which led from a Stone Circle to a number of Tumuli about 200 yards east from it. About 20 years ago while workmen were engaged clearing away the Stone Circle they Came upon about 20 feet of the Causeway which led in a South Easterly direction, it was composed of large uncut stones beautifully fitted together. So nicely fitted were they, that the workmen had great difficulty in getting their picks wedged in to separate them.

There can be no doubt that this was the causeway (or avenue) leading to the Circle. Many such causeways have been found in other parts of Great Britain, connected with Stone Circles.
[Signed] E.H. Courtney
Capt RE. [Captain Royal Engineers]
Site of TUMULI [Gartnach Hill] Site of Tumuli
Site of Tumuli
Site of Tumuli
Mr Booth Hillhead
Mr MacPherson Roadside
Revd [Reverend] J Minto Schoolmaster
043 At this spot there was about 20 years ago a number of Tumuli, which when opened were found to contain quantities of burnt bones, they were all removed when improving the land.

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