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Site of TUMULI [Gartnach Hill] (Site of) Tumuli
(Site of) Tumuli
(Site of) Tumuli
Mr Booth Hillhead
Mr R Gordon Gordonstown
Revd [Reverend] John Minto Schoolmaster Kirktown of Clatt
043 About 20 years ago, there existed on the summit of Gartnach Hill a number of Tumuli which were soon afterwards removed, while the workmen engaged in reclaiming the hill were levelling the Tumuli they found a quantity of burnt bones. Mr Booth of Hillhead is of opinion that the Tumuli had connection with a Stone Circle that existed in the locality and which was removed about the same time. The stones composing the Tumuli were used in fencing the reclaimed land, and many of them have the appearance of Stones usually found about Stone Circles.

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