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East Blairbowie
East Blairbowie
Mr John Moir, Tenant.
Mr Alexander Allan.
Mr James McKnight.
054 A small farmsteading, situated a little north of the Hill of Blairbowie, the property of Col. [Colonel] C. Leslie.
Mr Alexander Allan. Tenant.
Mr John Moir.
Mr James McKnight.
054 A small farmsteading, situated a little south of the old Castle of Balquhain. the property of Col. [Colonel] C. Leslie.
URN FOUND HERE A.D. 1846 [Netherton Urn found here A.D. 1846 Mr Alexander Allan, Netherton. 054 Mr Allan of Netherton says, that he came upon an urn here, some 20 years ago, while draining this field, it was filled with black earth, and was about 10 inches high, they broke it before they could get it to the surface.

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Parish of Chapel of Garioch

To Blair. To make a loud noise. To bleat as sheep or goat.
Blair. That part of flax which is afterwards used in manufacture, properly
after it has been steeped, and laid out for being dried, ( Jamieson) } see etymology in page 85

"Blair," "To make a loud noise" etc., is not at all the origin of the name, - Neither is "Blair" as applied to flax

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There is another Netherton recorded on page 80 of Chapel Of Garioch Index. They appear to be two different places, i.e. different map ref., different tenants, different owners.

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