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Mr William Cheyne, Tenant
Mr James Taylor, Gamekeeper
Mr John Middleton, Bridgend
045 A small croft with garden etc. attached; property of Henry Lumsden Esq. Pitcaple Castle.
URNS FOUND HERE [Mlllside] Urns found here
Urns found here
Urns found here
Mr Wyness, Mill of Pitcaple
Mr James Taylor.
Mr William Cheyne
045 While excavating the gravel pit here two urns were found containing the usual charred bones and ashes.
ROMAN CAMP (Remains of) [Logie Durno] (Site of) Roman Post
(Site of) Roman Post
(Site of) Roman Post
Mr John Middleton
Statistical Account (NSA. xii [New Statistical Account Volume 7] [pages] 570,734)
Johnston's County Map
045 This post is mentioned in the Statistical Account and is shown on Johnston's County Map as being situated about this place. The father of Mr John Middleton, the present tenant of Bridgend, and whose ancestors have lived here for some generations, removed a portion of the "Post." the ground is now cultivated , and part of the Post obliterated, so that its extent can only be partly shown by the formation of the ground.

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Parish of Chapel of Garioch

(Remains of)
[signed initials] EHC [Edward Henry Courtney]

This object is evidently the Roman camp mentioned in Statistical Account etc.-
It is believed by some Archeoelogist; who inspected it some 40 years ago, to
have been merely intended to accommodate a small garrison for the purpose
of keeping open the communications between the Camp at Peterculter on the
River Dee, & the Camp at Glenmeilan in Auchterless Parish. As I can find
no traces, beyond those inserted on the Plan, I have no doubt that such must
have been the case.
[signed] EH Courtney Captn.RE. [Captain Royal Engineers] 25 October 1867.

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