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Castle Wood
Castle Wood
Capt. [Captain] Walter Lumsden, Pitcaple Castle
Mr James Taylor, Pitcaple Castle
Mr John Middleton, Bridgend
045 A small clump of fir wood on the north bank of the Ury near the farm of Bridgend. At this place the foundations of a bridge were dug up a few years ago which may have had some connection with the old castle said to have stood here, but nothing definate is known about it.
This wood is the site of the small Roman Camp that formerly stood here: the name "Castle" wood was probably given to it from the Latin word "Castrum" signifying "Camp" from this word also probably the tradition of a "Castle" having stood here, was derived. - [signed] E.H.Courtney, Capt. RE [Captain Royal Engineers]
BRIDGE (Site of) [Bridgend] (site of) Bridge
(site of) Bridge
(site of) Bridge
Capt. [Captain] Walter Lumsden
Mr James Taylor
Mr John Middleton
045 Some years ago the foundations of a bridge were dug up at this place, supposed to have connection with the Roman Post situated near it, but the tradition of the locality is silent on this point. Nothing is definately known about it.
Site of CASTLE Site of Castle
Site of Castle
Site of Castle
Mr James Middleton
Mr John Taylor
Mr William Forbes, Whiteford
045 An old castle is said to have stood here at one time but to whom it belonged is not known. At any rate the foundations of an old building were removed from here a number of years ago by the father of the present tenant of Bridgend and some of the stones may yet be seen built into the office-houses of the farm.

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