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STONE CIRCLE (Remains of) [Shelden] Stone Circle (remains of)
Stone Circle (remains of)
Stone Circle (remains of)
Mr John Middleton Occupier
Mr Alexander Wright Hillhead
Mr George Wilson Mosseye
046 Consisting of 7 Stones, 4 of which are still standing, the other ones are partially projecting two or three of the largest of these measures abt. [about] 7 feet above the surface and from 2 to 3 feet in thickness and from 3 to 4 feet in breadth and seems to bear a similar proportion under the surface, and some of which seems to be seated at least 5 feet below the surface.
These huge blocks are of a superior granite, and it is held questionable where these were taken from. It is said however that no such quality of granite is to be found in the parish or within many miles of the spot, no inscription or mark is visible on any of them. It is said that much longer blocks were cut up and carried away for building purposes - In the same place was a Cairn or an enormous quantity of boulders heaped together but the greatest portion of which was carried away for wall building and drainage purposes, and in one portion of which a stone Coffin containing ashes was discovered.
The above is also known by the name Temple (Druidical) in the neighbourhood.
HUMAN REMAINS FOUND HERE A.D. 1820 [Shelden] (Human Bones found here)
(Human Bones found here)
(Human Bones found here)
Mr John Temple Shelden
Mr Alexander Wright Hillhead
Mr A. Taylor Cromliebrae
046 discovered by Mr John Temple whilst digging and improving the land. Situated about 10 yards E. [East] of Stone Circle on Shelden farm found as other relic with those human remains.

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