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PENNAN HEAD Pennan Head or Hiller Ness
Pennan Head or Hiller Ness
Pennan Head
Mr G Cruickshank Mains of Auchmedden
Mr William Gatt.
Mr Andrew Gatt.
Johnstones' Coy. [County] Map
001 A bold & rocky headland situate about half a mile east of the village of Pennan. It forms the most prominent feature on the Aberdour Coast. It is equally as well known by either appellation; Hiller Ness is the name given on Estate Plan of Auchmedden (1838) to the field at this point. Millstones are quarried a little east of the headland.
Brandy House
Brandy House
Mr William Gatt
Mr Andrew Gatt
Mr Cruickshank
001 A cove in the rocks situate a short distance west of the above [Pennan Head], the entrance is partly built. The name is pretty generally Known from its having been a hiding place for smugglers.
Need Haven
Mr Andrew Gatt
Mr William Gatt
001 A small creek or haven about 25 Chains west of Pennan Head.

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