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CASTLE OF DUNDARG Castle of Dundarg (ruins of)
Castle of Dundarg (ruins of)
Castle of Dundarg (ruins of)
Castle of Dundargue
Castle of Dungargue
Castle of Dungargue
Castle of Dungargue
Dungargue Castle
Adam Birnie Plockrive
James Stevenson Quarryhead
Pratt's Buchan
New Statistical Account
Old Statistical Account
Fullartons Gazetter
Blacks County Map of Scotland
Johnstons County Map
002 The remains of the ancient Castle of Dundarg. It occupies a position of great natural strength on a small narrow headland the sides of which are almost perpendicular. On the landward side it was defended by three ditches portions of the bank of which still remain.
Of the building itself nothing now remains but the entrance, which is pretty entire; parts of the foundation of the seaward portion are still traceable, being a few inches above ground.
"The only Fort or Castle in the parish is that of Dundarguel." New Statistical Account.

"About a mile westward of this cave are the scanty remains of the Castle of Dundarg. This was one of the chief strongholds of the Comyn's Earls of Buchan, previous to the time of Robert the Bruce.
Dundarg is situated on a high peninsular rock. Vestiges of a large court & buildings may still be traced, but the only part remaining at all entire is a strong arched gateway, which had guarded the entrance. Near the neck which joins the rock to the mainland there is a triple ditch, and ramparts of Considerable extent."
Pratt's Buchan"

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Dundarg is the most approved and certainly the purest (Dundearg Re?? ) spelling.

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